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Some space to use?

Are you the owner of a commercial property in London or nearby? Property like, for example, supermarket, big store, mall, sports centre, office building? Please think about the better use of the free space. Currently we are looking for new locations for our Q2Lockers. We don't want to be restricted to the above locations or to London itself only. We are open to suggestions and we will be happy to hear about your own ideas, too. If you are interested in cooperation,

Contact us.

Terms of cooperation

We don't have very sophisticated requirements, but your free space should meet a number of essential criteria. It has to be:

  • No less than 3.7m x 0.66m in size
  • Well exposed
  • Visible and easy to find
  • Accessible

  • We will be also glad it there isn't similar devices of our competitors in the location.
    The rules are simple - we provide you a locker, and you're only watching its safety and cleanliness. We deal with receiving and delivering dry cleaning for customers.

    Your benefits and profits

    Are you looking for additional source of income? We are flexible and we can offer you two possibilities of payment:

  • Fixed fee
  • A percentage of your profits

  • It's you who choose of the above. If your place is very popular and visited by thousands, flat fee will be refunded and you can earn much more. But if your business has just started or your clients aren't very numerous, you may be rather interested in counting the percent of the total earnings from using lockers.

    There are also some additional profits. Customers who use the lockers are likely to visit your property and spend money making purchases or using your services. Lockers are clean and can function as a wall decoration - or just cover ugly walls.

    Exemplary location

    Examples of existing locations of our lockers

  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Shopping centers
  • Car parks at metro stations
  • Sports facilities