Some people sort the stuff before laundering, some others never do it. Of course it's not obligatory. If you don't have much time, or if you in fact don't care about your things very much, or if all your garments are general the same and rather cheap, you can neglect it.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of different things made of entirely different fabrics (wool, cotton, stylon, linen and even silk), you should always sort them before placing in the machine. Here are the most important reasons:

  • Sorting prevents the color transfer. Yes, this may be irreversible process, especially when you put white items together with very colorful ones, like deep purple. Sometimes there is an appropriate warning on the label, and sometimes – not. It is a good idea to wash the white/very light things separately. Always!
  • Sorting allows the selection of a suitable temperature and the washing time - as well as program (pre-wash and/or essential laudry, centrifugation, machine drying). Washing machine programs are not random, nor are they whim of the manufacturer - so use them as intended.
  • Sorting allows you to protect particularly demanding and delicate fabrics like silk or some synthetic materials. This prevents them from accidentally thrown into the washing machine and laundering at too high temperature.
  • Segregation of your clothing is simple and takes very little time. What's more, if you do it once or twice, you will remember it easily for a future. And you will know exactly what can be safely washed with something else.

So you see – sorting is not difficult and very practical. It demands little time and help you save a lot. And a small note at the end - you must also sort the items before hand washing.