For some reasons it is not always easy to get used to “clean” your stuff in the lockers. Some people claims their valuable garments can be stolen, some others has concerns about the cleanliness and hygiene of the washing process.

In fact, lockers are very secure. Learn why you can trust them! Below, we dispels some of our worries and doubts:

Breaking into lockers. First, it is not easy to get in. Lockers are extremely thin and durable, and it is almost not possible to guess your own order code. All our lockers are also under the constant control of our IT team - when something happens to them, we know that immediately. And by the way - nobody really has an interest to hack or theft the lockers without knowing their exact content. Your can put into your very expensive suit, but in most cases people want to dry clean just ordinary and very worn clothes that one can not sell.

Wet clothes would freeze in the locker at winter. No way - we always carefully dry it befire delivering to the locker, so the low temperatures are not really dangerous. Lockers are also “airtight”, so rain and snow do not get in through any cracks...

Lockers may be dirty inside. No, they aren’t dirty or dusty. We really care about it.

My garment do not fit into the locker! It will be full of wrinkles. Cleaned clothes are ironed and carefully folded, so they will not be wrinkled. Locker sizes are suited to different pieces of clothing. However, if you are afraid that your dress with a train or a long coat does not fit into, just contact us - together we'll figure out something .

Your laundry will be cleaned along with the things of others, strangers - is it safe and hygienic? First of all, dry cleaning your stuff with a solvent is repeated many times and it is very complex process which guarantees the cleanness and getting rid of any bacteria. It is therefore nearly impossible that there will be some human cells, bacteria or dirt coming from the clothes of other people - on your own clothes. Second - we always check the clothes from our lockers, or just left in our service, for dry cleaning compatibility. If they are just too dirty (for example, covered with soil or caly ), we simply reject it.