A good relationship with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. In this age of automation and remote communications caring for your business relation has never been more important. And this relation is basically based on your… look.

Yes, good looking is important. Good appearance counts. Not only in affairs of the heart, but also in business or simply at work. As long as you do not work 100% remotely, it counts in every single profession and job. And it is especially important for large businesses, because this is where you meet similarly high-ranking persons with a similar appetite for life. You want to be beautiful, young, handsome and rich, so instinctively you are looking for such a company.

Good looks can help you to conclude transaction, to win the tender, or to enter into the best deal. It attracts important people and makes them to trust you. But we can not significantly change our appearance, as long as we do not intend to invest in plastic surgery. Or can we?

Yes, it is hard to change the way we really looks like, but there is some consolation. We can change the way we make impression on others. And what is it composed of?

Few things. First, good posture and body language. You must look confident. You must look absolutely convinced about what you are talking. You need to be plausible.

Second – your clothes and hairstyle. It sends a clear signal - I'm wealthy, I have good taste, I take care of order and hygiene. I am a respectable man. Always wear a tailored suit or clean, trendy causal clothes. Use soft colors and try to look serious. This is also particularly important for women.

Third – behave like good looking, prosperous, happy person. Or just try to. It works miracles and literally makes you look prominent and fine looking, no matter what are your facial features and figure.