There may be lots of reasons to get rid of our old (and not only old) clothes. Your tastes and style may change. Some garments don’t fit well anymore. Or you can stop wearing leather or synthetics for the ideological, professional or personal reasons. Or – let say it loud – it may be just plain worn out.

Ecology of being charitable. But what can we do with all of these old things to stay ecological? According to the Council for Textile Recycling, in the U.S. citizens generate an average of 25 billion pounds of “old” clothes, shoes, and other textiles each year, but donate only about 15% of that! Of course all the rest ends up in the garbages.What a waste of money and other people work…and groving trash dumps. It is much better to donate unwanted things. What are the options? One is to donate directly to organizations helping homeless or just poor people, or to theese people personally.

For example, some organizations, such as Dress for Success, seek donations of gently used business garmets to help people seeking employment. You can also take it to some homeless shelter or “homes” for single mothers. Even if donating to a thrift store may not be perfect idea, it is a better choice than the garbage dump.

Business is businesses. If your clothes are still in good condition and up-to-date, you can also try to sell them. Many communities have consignment shops, and there are probably some second hand shops in your area. And, of course, you can use the internet to sell your clothes online.

Swap parties. This is quite new trend. There are swap meetings undertaken by fundations, organizations or even private people. They may be rather large – with hundreds of participants – or small, organized for a few persons – very often friend and friends of your friends. They are fun and extremely eco-friendly way to pass on your old stuff and get something new without paying a single coin. There are online clothing swaps, too. And this way of getting rid of unnecessary things are very popular in the case of mothers and baby clothes.

Rags. You can see that dealing with your unwanted but good clothes is rather easy task. And so, what can we do with the stuff that is too worn to wear? Charity options would be much harder to find. But som thrift stores may take them and sell them for rags. Other solutions include using it for insulation, carpet padding or cleaning cloth.