Business is business and business trip is always business trip. No matter where are you traveling, usually there is no really free time and leisure. You can visit something, you can bring home souvenirs and take photos, but stick to one golden rule - you're still at... work.

So, how to prepare to such business travel? You should not forget why and what for you go. Always keep your travel schedule and things-to–do plan, and try hold on to it. Take your calendar and notebook. Just before leaving set all the details and dates of your meetings. Make sure that appropriate persons will be there at the appropriate location.

One more thing: always try to learn as much as possible about the place (country, city) to which you are going to. This makes it easier to contact local people and move through the new terrain. Buy the map, look at important locations on Google Maps. If you go to another country you may also come in handy concise dictionary or translator.

Take care of your clothes. Do not underestimate this. Not only in the UK but at many other countries people judge others just by their look. Wear a suit. If you are a woman, do a light make-up. Keep your briefcase. See that everything is clean and fresh. If you can not bring the suitcase full of clothes to change with you, don't worry - look near the hotel for a quick dry cleaning or laundromats.

And a word about hotels. It's usually a bad idea to choose the hotel rashly and at the last minute. There is still a lot of hotels of poor quality, with low standard, with no wi-fi network, with no parking, or just situated in a very inconvenient location. Sounds rather terrible, yeah. It is worth to carefully review the offers for a long time before the planned trip and choose the best hotel with a wide range of additional services for business travelers.