Second hand shops are more and more popular especially in developing and poor countries. Some people are literally addicted to them while some others would not buy there anything under any circumstances.

The myths about second-hand clothing stores. There are plenty of crazy stories about second-hand shops. Some people claims the offered clothes are “from accidents” or they come from theft. There are also chilling stories about how "poisoned" clothes led a buyer to the serious disease. Fortunately, in these myths there is no truth – the clothes comes from “normal” shops, warehouses of unsold stuff, donations and street collection of used items. The are also special second hands where people can try to sell their private clothes that are no longer in use. Regardless of the source, all the sold clothes are washed by dry cleaner.

Safe or not? So until you are not really unlucky, used clothes are safe – as long us you buy them in official second hand stores. But it you prefer to buy used clothings in a local market, there is a risk that they will be not thoroughly laundered and so full of bacteria. Be careful especially with children's clothes. It is also not the best idea to buy used underwear, even on purely aesthetic grounds. If you have any doubts and fears, you can always bring the newly purchased piece of clothing to the professional dry cleaners. It should kill all the microbes and remove the bad smell.

Is it ecological? The answer is yes - getting dressed up in these shops is very ecological and is also a good way to save your money. This allows you to reuse the discarded clothing, which thus does not supply garbage dumps. Buying there also provides you with an interesting choice and diversity of styles and textiles. But remember to always launder the purchased pieces of clothing and not to buy them too hastily just to keep unused in your closet for years.