Have you ever thought about how the new technological developments changed our lives? Surely in your kitchen and bathroom there's an array of gadgets that have helped to transform the daily life – especially woman's live.

Some people believe that the most potent change in the modern life is the… modern laundry. The Cambridge economist Ha-Joon Chang argues the washing machine beats even the Internet hands down when it comes to economic impact. But we are even more interested in social impact. In fact, washing machines totally transformed the way in which women, and consequently also men, live and work.

These devices allowed women to get involved in more productive activities than washing clothes, especially in professional and paid work. Regardless of whether we like it or not, it always develops us. Woman have time to go to work, but also to have a manicure or hair cut, or even get involved in sport/art/social affairs. The arrival of the washing machine and electric iron as mass consumer products dates back to the 1950s. It is well proved that it seriously contributed to a surge in female workforce participation, revolutionizing also the entire economies.

How many time an average housewife should spend on doing the hand wash? Let's just count. Supposing the family is small (2-3 persons) it is necessary to do the laundry at least once a week. And there is still a lot of to wash – bedding, linen, tablecloths, baby clothes, diapers, garments. Such a hand wash may take even two hours or so. A woman need to carefully twist the each item to get rid of the water, what takes another thirty minutes or so. And then, she have to hang the laundry to dry. And sometimes the sorting and soaking is needed before the hand wash. The whole process may take up to 4 or 5 hours. And what if there are more babies or just household member? Yes, the poor housewife have to do the hand wash twice a week or even more.

This is therefore not surprising that washing machine revolutionized the women lives and leisures. Yes, this is a great invention. Funny thing, some today's women still complain on a laundry - even the women living alone and with no children. Although modern laundry is as simple as inserting the items to the washing machine and using the ENTER button, it is still boring and upsetting for some women and some men, too. Do the laundry will be even easier and more comfortable in future? Time will tell!