Baby clothes really requires frequent and very careful washing. On the one hand they are extremely easy to get dirty – we can imagine that messy eating, mashes for children and all this outdoor play cause lots of stains. Sometimes very hard to remove. And on the other hand - the younger the child is, the more delicate its skin is.

So to sum up, special care should be taken when you try to launder baby clothing, linen and/or reusable diapers. The first step should be always reading the washing instructions on the labels. Make also note of washing temperatures – this one thing is probably the most important, because baby clothes can shrink at too warm water.

How to remove the most persistent stains? First, treat them with a gentle product that is labeled as being safe for baby clothing or sensitive skin. There are many kinds of pretreatment sticks and soaks. Follow the instruction on the label.

And what about the laundry itself? First, set your machine to the recommended temperature and load the clothing. If an item doesn't have a label, wash it just in warm water. If it's a diaper, use rather hot water. Flame retardant garments should be washed in cold or warm water, according to the manufacturer's recommendations. There are also some kinds of baby clothing that should be hand washed only.

Always use the special washing powder for infants. Baby-friendly powders and liquids are made by most major brands and are clearly labeled. You can also make your own baby-friendly detergent by combining one cup of castile soap flakes, 1/2 cup washing soda and 1/2 cup borax.