Do you keep your evening wear in some sophisticated way, or you just put it at the very bottom of your wardrobes to dig out until next year? Well, it’s up to you but I have small advice - if you want your formal dresses or suits to be still elegant and in good condition, you should rather preserve it carefully.

Formal wear is usually used only few times a year, as long as you do not belong to the royal family. Christmas, carnival, some elegant balls and receptions, one or two weddings - it's usually all. So why people have to buy new ones so often? It’s not only because of changing fashion and vanity - these wear tends to fast destruction if we do not care for it…

The worst thing you can do is not washing the dress or suit after the event. Dry cleaning will get rid of the destructive and attracting moths sweat as well as other odors, so clothes do not become permanently musty. This will not affect their color either. Always give the elegant garments to the laundry or to proffessional dry cleaner!

It is also a very good idea to hang the evening stuff in your closet with the original plastic covers over them. If you don’t have it, just use big plastic bag or painting foil. You can even use the ordinary plastic bag and put the dresses to boxes which you can place, for example, on top of the wardrobe or in the attic. Never mix your elegant and expensive gowns etc. with your casual clothes - you can accidentaly damage delicate fabrics while looking for your trousers in the morning rush.

But some go even a step further. They say plastic is not so good - after all, it emits toxic chemicals or some such. So you can also buy some canvas garment bags (they can “breathe”). One more about light - if you have any concerns that sunlight may get its way to your closet, it is better to use opaque materials and boxes, so the vivid colors do not fade.