No matter in what purpose you are traveling. You always want to look good and feel comfortable - even on the go. However, it is not easy thing. Especially after a 10 hour flight. Here are some pretty tricks that can help you to keep fresh, rested and elegant appearance.

First of all – and it's so simple that maybe not even worth to mention it. It is Sleeping. If you have to stay overnight in your journey (by plane, car, train, ship – whatever) do everything to have time and the best possible conditions to sleep well. Get train with the sleeper. Travelling by plane take a pillow and blanket onboard. If you travel by car, stay at the motel or eventually take a sleep in the parked car. It is not only refreshing, but also much, much more safe then driving all night long!

What else? Always travel with these few things: soap, toothbrush, wet wipes, safety razor/makeup cosmetics. Fresh breath is especially important - it not only facilitates contacting with others, but also adds you lots of confidence. Always get changed in the morning after a night on the go. Never use the same clothes going to mimportant meeting or just exploring the city. Even if it seems to you that your garment is fine, it will be slightly sweaty and wrinkled. So you have better give your travel suit to the laundry (for example, use our smart lockers).

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and junk food. Eat well on the road so that you will feel (and probably look) better. Do not overdose coffee - it helps, but only in reasonable quantities. Never eat very strong smelling stuff.

The last thing - do not work too hard on the road. It is much better to use this time for reading, listening music or admiring the landscape - just relaxing. Just take your time!