There many different artificial fabric, including polyester, nylon, lycra or spandex. They are usually easy to wash, but you need to follow one basic rule - read the recommendations on the label of each item before doing anything.

So, the first step is to carefully sort the clothing and textiles made from synthetic fabrics. This will prevent the washing clothes at too high temperature, which - in the case of synthetic materials - can not only cause shrinkage or stretching, but also the complete destruction of the fiber structure. Sorting will also help you to choice the most appropriate detergents, washing mode and duration of the laundry program.

Typically, synthetic textiles should be washed in the washing machine, in average or low temperatures. You should never cook them. It is usually not recommended to whiten them, but stain removers can be utilized instead.

Most synthetic fabrics can not be washed by the process of dry cleaning. This is dangerous as most of the solvents can destroy plastics used in their production. But if you have doubts, you can always ask at dry cleaning service if a piece of clothing can be cleaned by them.

Treating the every kind of fabric may differ from the others. For example, acrylic are very durable and tough but they attract oil stains. You may have to use special stain remover. Nylon fibers are heat sensitive and high temperatures can cause them to literally melt, shrink or deform. In general, fibers react differently when treated with laundry/stain removal products. Always read tags and labels and everything should be fine.