Do you enjoy doing everything by yourself? Cooking and cleaning, washing and repairing? Even if you are a great cook and a real handyman, I assure you there will be not always enough time for all these activities. Sometimes it happens that others (professionals) can do something for us just better. Much better.

In my opinion, there are at least four Great Services that improve and facilitate our daily lives.

The first and the best in probably takeaways or catering. Yes, I like to cook something from time to time, but I would quickly hate doing it everyday. Especially after work. Cooking may be just boring. Why not to order Chinese food, pizza or even a healthy meal if it's almost the same price as cooking at home?

The second one big thing is carpet cleaning service. I cannot imagine my life without it. It surely can be cleaned at home, but it requires not only time, but also bigger space - preferably the garden - and fine weather. Why even bother? They will do it better and faster.

The third service I love – it's dry cleaning. It is very convenient to simply leave the laundry at the desk and then pick it up clean and ironed. No sorting, no removing stains, no bleaching.

There is one more big service – window cleaning. Traditional window washing refers to cleaning the architectural glass used for commercial purposes. But if you look for carefully, you can also find so-called domestic window cleaners. It is so easy to leave this nasty (and sometimes dangerous also) job to some company! Much easier then doing it by yourself, especially if you're afraid of great heights. The employees of such services have also suitable facilities and special detergents for the glass.