How to dry your laundry? Maybe it is rather trivial thing, but somewhere and somehow we have to do it. Formerly laundry have been dried basically anywhere - on the ropes between the houses or even on trees and bushes. Today it is very often problematic and it seems quite impolite to hang wet clothes just in front of the house - especially if you live in the city. For aesthetic reasons.

If you have at least a small piece of your own garden, you do not have a problem. Just use the sunlight and wind to dry your garments and bedding. The main advantage of this way of drying is that you do not need to use the energy, and the clothes will be scenting very well. You only need a rope and some clips. Always collect the laundry when it's going to rain, because acid waters can damage some fragile fabrics.

You can also dry your laundry at home. Now it's as simple as just buying the most comfortable clothes drier. There are many types of simple and cheap devices – standing dryer, ceiling dryer or window dryer. This is usually small and smart device.

Of course you can use drying rope in your bathroom - as it have been done for decades. But remember that wet clothes raises the humidity in small spaces. You can purchase a special washing machine with dryer. They are slightly more expensive and consume more power, but they are also very effective in solving the matter of drying. It saves your time. Remember not to exceed the recommended temperature of drying.

The last good way to dry your laundry is to give it to the dry cleaning or simply use the dryers available for a small charge at public laundries. They are usually large, so you can put a lot of laundering inside at once, including bed linen. And everything will be perfectly dry in few minutes.