Suppose you do not have time for doing your laundry. Yes, it's very easy to imagine. You may learn a lot. You may work too much. You may be looking for a new house of just moving to the new location. Or maybe you're the businessman on the go.

Modernity requires new solutions and at the same time gives us a new technical possibilities. Therefore, people decided to use not only public laundries that are readily available and self-serviced, but also something even more advanced and sophisticated – laundromats.

Now think about something else – time. Your time is valuable. You are probably not very happy if you need to go with your laundry to the dry cleaner, wait for the service and then come back in a day of two to pick up your order. You do not like to make an appointment for a specific time, because you still do not know when you will be free tomorrow. Do you need much more flexibility and freedom? Oh yes. And one more thing – I suppose you don't tolerate queues.

If so, laundromat is probably the best option for you. It gives you complete flexibility. All you need to do is to find the closest locker and load your items. Your laundry may be unsorted – they'll do it as well. You will pick it up next day, completely clean, fresh and dried. Your clothes will be always checked for compatibility with dry cleaning, so you do not have to worry about their safety. You can use the service on your way to work or home. The laundry owners will inform you about the current status of your order by text message and e-mail.

So, laundry lockers, or laundromats, are really innovative. For example, Q2 Lockers are available 24/7. You can use our services at your convenience. And forget about time wasted to pick up your orders. It sounds quite reasonable. Like true XXI century invention, right?