Do you know how important is ecology? In fact, it is more and more crucial with every single year. This is particularly true for the water resources – for both potable and no-potable water. We should absolutely save it, because it is not really known if and when these resources will renew.

Typical household can save large amounts of water in two ways - by doing appropriate laundry and dish washing. On the occasion we can save that way a lot of electricity, which is not only good for the planet Earth, but also for our wallet and budget.

The first step is purchasing the proper machine. You probably have the washing machine, but think about dishwasher, too. And if your washing machine is some kind old, think about replacing it with more modern, eco washing machine of A++/A+++ class. It may be slightly more expensive, but it also help you to save electricity and water – two quite expensive media. As of 2014, washing machines can only be rated A+++ (most energy efficient), A++, A+ or A (least energy efficient). These labels offer us an idea of how much energy and water a machine typically uses, and the upgraded labels reflect the increasingly energy-efficient nature of these devices.

But the class of the machine is not all when talking about real ecology. Ecology is still something more. If you really want to save your money, energy, and water, you should do the laudering at reasonable time intervals. Switch on washing machine only when it is full, but not filled with more than normal. Do not wash things twice and do not cook them if this is not necessary. If it is warm and sunny, and you have a place to hang out the laundry to dry, do not use the dryer. It uses lots of energy, and besides it all, outdoor dried items usually smells much better.

What else is important? You not always need to wash things after one wear. This is particularly true for outerwear, sweaters from wool, or these clothes you were only trying on. If you have to launder only one suit or dress, do not wash it in the empty the washing machine – it will be cheaper, safer and a lot more ecologically to give it to dry cleaner or use the landromat.