From childhood we are repeated that it is necessary to take good care of the cleanliness, for example to wash our hands and frequently change the clothes. I'm not going to deny it. But why exactly we should wash our outfit? And how often?

The main answer is simple - because of the dirt and sweat. Humans are the biggest source of potential contamination even to a sterile cleanroom, so “sterile” clothing is really crucial. Especially if you are allergic or ill, or you're just after surgery. Or “only” pregnant.

Clothes can pick up dirt from almost everywhere - the environment, skin and other stuff. All of this plus our body heat and sweat make it a pretty good place for bacteria or fungi to grow and multiple. Washing generally kills most of the bugs so we can not only smell better, but we also avoid many potentially dangerous diseases and infections. It also help our clothes to last longer, because by washing away the sweat they become less vulnerable to being eaten by moths. So, the reason to wash our stuff and change it rather frequently is the question of hygiene and health… as well as aesthetics and cost savings!

There is a school that suggests that there has been a big rise in allergies and asthma over the decades because we have become too clean. Essentially, we need a bit of “dirt” to keep our immune systems busy. So there is really no reason to change into twice a day or more, unless we are not working in the mud or soil. Once a day for underwear and blouse / shirt, and once a two or three days for jeans, skirt or sweater is just enough.

So what about the hospitals and manufactures (for example, production of microprocessors)? As a basic requirement, sterile clothing must help maintain a cleanroom’s cleanliness while people are working there, by ensuring that particle and microbs are kept below the limits for the chosen grade of area. Sterile clothes have a direct impact on both contamination control and productivity of a manufacturing process in some companies, so several factors beyond the basic requirement need to be considered when selecting clothing.

Most people complaints against laundry detergents, but more “standard” detergents may also affect some folks’ skin.Though some argue that the industrial detergents are more toxic, current studies only suggest some detergents can cause irritation — they’re not toxic. But still, people with sensitive skin or babies parents should consider some softer washing powder or professional, but still gentle dry cleaning.