Nowadays purchasing clothes is very easy. There are lots of shops, and the range of sizes, styles and fabrics is huge even in smaller towns. It is also quite simple to dress dress up from head to toe for relatively little money. But is this the right strategy?

Consumer madness. According to Elizabeth L. Cline, author of “Overdressed,” Americans themselves consume 20 billion garments a year. That’s as much as 68 signle clothes and 7 pairs of shoes per person! But why they buy so much? There are several reasons. Some people, including in particular women, just like to have a lot of clothes and shoes - even if they hardly wear them. Some others love to change the content of their wardrobe very often.

Quality counts. But maybe the primary reason is the poor quality of garments. In general, people have an addiction to relatively cheap clothes, because they can buy many of them. Of course it has a huge impact on people, our environment and the whole Earth. The artificial fabric of cheap clothes are not almost often ecological in any sense, and wages offered for their productions in a 3rd world countries are of considerable controversy - similarly to the conditions for such work. And the clothes and shoes are frequently really poor, so you have to by another one soon, and there is a full circle of production.

Good means long term. One really good action that can make a huge difference is to reduce the amount of garments you buy and limit it to the ones you really need and like – so you can choose the more expensive ones. Believe us or not, but it is often more comfortable to have not many clothes, if only they are suitable and the best quality. So you may want to try change your habits from now and to hang on to what you have longer…